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Business advisory solutions and expertise
for small and mid-sized companies

The firm's current vision is to remain a leading Swiss Financial niche firm, committed to meeting its empowerment objectives, growing the business to European mature markets

Matching Client

Tradicional needs with up-to-date business methodologies

Lean Processes with
High-value Solutions
Unique approach

of developing clear understanding of specific business, financial situation and objectives

Extensive Experience

& expertise of our advisors in relevant industries

Mont Blanc - Corporate Advisors
Highly trained

business executives focused in building a long-lasting business relationship

Quality Assurance

According the highest levels of the Swiss Financial Market

Complete Solutions with
Personal Advising

affordable and flexible corporate advisory solutions

Our Vision

A boutique Corporate Financial Advisory Firm

The founding partners shared a common vision to develop a boutique corporate financial advisory firm offering specialized knowledge and personalized service with value-added solutions.


Wealth and Estate Planning Services

Being part of the major private banking hub in the world, we assist high-net-worth individuals and families on the most optimal structuring of their financial and non-financial assets.

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Tax Advisory
Legal Advisory
Wealth Planning
Financial Advisory
Family Office Services

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Energy, Real Estate, Logistic, Agricultural, Construction, Insurance Services, High End Technology, Financial Services, Tourism, Banking, IT, Health, Sports, Trading, Wine, Education

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3 Offices in Europe
1 Office in Central America
1 Office in North America

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